What's Next for Downtown Lynn?

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Community Assets

Downtown Lynn is a diverse community with a lot to offer. The information shared here is intended to provide a glimpse of the DTL's many assets, including many of the organizations, restaurants, shops, and resources that add to the vitality and sense of community within the district.

Lynn City Hall, 3 City Hall Square, home to City of Lynn offices, Lynn EDIC, Lynn Auditorium, and other amenities
Welcome to RAW, photo by MAPC, November 2012
RAW Art Works, 37 Central Square.

Centerboard and its Visionspace Gallery at 16 City Hall Square.
Lynn Auditorium in City Hall, 3 City Hall Square. Photo from Lynn Auditorium website.
Lynn Community Access + Media (LynnCAM TV)
New Lynn Coalition, 112 Exchange Street
Contrera's Grocery, 74 Central Avenue
Community Credit Union, 1 Andrew Street
Brotherhood Credit Union, 75 Market Street
Lynn Museum photo by James K. Lindley, May 2013
Lynn Museum and Historical Society, 590 Washington Street. Photo by James K. Lindley.
LynnArts, Inc., 25 Exchange Street.
Lynn Daily Item newspaper offices, 38 Exchange Street.
LynnHappens.com online publication.
Lynn Journal newspaper
Zimman's fabric store
Brother's Deli, 41 Market Street
Lynn Community Health Center, 269 Union Street and other locations
Baghdad Convenience Store, 134 Central Avenue
Tacos Lupita, 129 Munroe Street & Lupita Restaurant, 22 Munroe Street
Pho Minh Ky Vietnamese Restaurant, 238 Union Street
Girls Incorporated of Lynn, 50 High Street. Photo from Girls, Inc. of Lynn website.
Rossetti Restaurant, 47 Sutton Street
Rincon Macorisano Dominican restaurant, 350 Washington Street
Bernie's Place, 80 Central Avenue
The Blue Ox restaurant, 191 Oxford Street
Seaport Marina on the Waterfront, 154 Lynnway, photo from City of Lynn
The Food Project's Lynn Central Square Farmers Market, photo from LynnHappens.com
Capitol Diner, 431 Union Street. Photo by Dorothy Gallagher Kiley, found on LynnHappens.com
Wayne Alarm Systems, Inc., 424 Essex Street

Poster of a few of Downtown Lynn's many destinations, as shown at the May 2013 Open House and Public Forum.
The images above and below are from the May 2013 Public Forum and show a few existing Downtown destinations. Participants enjoyed adding their favorite amenities to the poster, creating a more complete list. Photographs in this column are by James K. Lindley.
Photo by James K. Lindley
Photo by James K. Lindley

Photo by James K. Lindley

Photo by James K. Lindley
Photo by James K. Lindley