What's Next for Downtown Lynn?

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Ideas for a thriving, vibrant, and economically competitive future

Our Recommendations

"The city has been great at studying itself. Now is the time for real change... Together we can achieve powerful things for this great place we all love so much." - Corey Jackson, Team of Advisors participant, via DowntownLynn.com.

Build on the Vision! In the past decade, planning efforts and subsequent zoning amendments, policy initiatives, marketing, and community organizing efforts have made Downtown Lynn a dynamic and diverse place, yet there’s still a sense that the pace for revitalizing Downtown is slower than it could be. Many of the recommendations for previous Downtown Planning efforts still hold true today and a few are repeated here.

Our recommendations are the following:

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NOTE: These are draft recommendations. MAPC is currently reviewing public comments and working with project partners to finalize all materials on this website. Please contact Project Manager Manisha Bewtra at mbewtra@mapc.org if you have comments or questions. Last updated February 6, 2014.